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Pharmakon: Education, development and counselling in pharmacy practice

Pharmakon is specialised in education, development and counselling in pharmacy practice at community pharmacies and within the life science industry.

Pharmakon solves a multiplicity of tasks, and supplements its own expertise and experience with external specialists. The main tasks are:

  • educating of pharmacy technicians
  • continuing education of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in the pharmacy sector
  • research and development in community pharmacy practice
  • education of staff in the life science industry
  • counselling and consultative services within community pharmacy practice and life science.

Special Interest Group of Pharmacy Practice Research 
Director of Research and Development at Pharmakon, Charlotte Rossing, is in the steering committee of the Special Interest Group of Pharmacy Practice Research (SIG) under FIP. FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) represents four million pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists worldwide.

SIG looks at:
• Impact of the practice of pharmacy on health care systems
• Medicine use
• Patient care.

SIG fosters greater communication, discussion, networking and collaboration at an international level for the advancement of best practice research. Read more about SIG

Pharmakon contributes to international organisations and activities

Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe

Pharmaceutical Care Network Europe (PCNE) was established in 1994 by a number of European pharmaceutical care researchers. It became an official association (under Dutch law) in 2004. According to the bylaws, the aim of PCNE is to help develop pharmacy along the lines of pharmaceutical care in the involved European countries through:

  • stimulating pharmaceutical care and pharmacy-related outcome research in Europe
  • stimulating research and implementation projects carried out in more countries simultaneously
  • organising a bi-annual working conference around pharmaceutical care and pharmacy practice research
  • all other possible activities that serve the aim of the association.

Pharmakon has served at the board of PCNE from 2011-2018 and has been contributing as workshop leads at several conferences.

Read more about PCNE.

International publications

Safe and effective use of medicines for patients with type 2 diabetes – A randomized controlled trial of two interventions delivered by local pharmacies.
Research in Social and Administrative Pharmacy, apr 2014. Kjeldsen, Lene Juel et al.
Read the abstract here

Adherence to treatment: practice, education and research in Danish community pharmacy.
Pharmacy Practice (Internet) 2009 Oct-Dec;7(4):185-194.
(Haugbølle LS, Herborg H)
The article is part of a series the online magazine Pharmacy Practice publishes with status articles on compliance from different countries.
Read the arcticle here

Developing a generic, individualised adherence programme for chronic medication users. Pharmacy Practice 2008 Jul-Sep;6(3):148-157. (Herborg H, Haugbølle LS, Sørensen L, Rossing C, Dam P.)
Read about the development of the programme Safe and Effective Use of Medicines - a generic compliance programme for patients with a chronic disease.
Read the article here

Compliance and Concordance Management within Diabetes and Hypertension. Workshop at the ESCP Conference on Chronic Disease Management: the Role of the Pharmacist. 25-27 May 2006, Vilnius, Lithuania. (Pultz K, Herborg H)

Posters, presentations and other

  • Better use of medicines: using clinical pharmacy for empowerment of nursing homes implementing safe medication.

  • The growing market of adherence technologies. View presentation (2010)

  • Safe and Effective Use of Oral Antidiabetic Drugs. View presentation (2009)

  • Evidence based Pharmacy Practice, 8 January 2008 (Rossing C). View presentation

  • "Safe and Effective Use of Oral Antidiabetic Drugs: A Controlled Study of an Adherenceenhancing Intervention" Poster (awarded) and handout (2008)

  • Adherence problems among type-2 diabetics. PCNE Working Conference 2007, Gothenburg, Sweden, 21-24 February 2007. (C Rossing, H Herborg, L Sorensen). View poster

  • "Safe and effective use of antihypertensives - A controlled study of adherence-enhancing interventions" Poster and handout (2007)

  • "Adherence problems among users of antihypertensive medication" Poster (2006)

  • Adherence Problems among Users of Antihypertensive Medication. World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 25-31 August 2006, Salvador Bahia, Brazil, (Sørensen L, Tomsen D, Rossing C, Herborg H)View presentation

  • Safe and Effective Use of Medicines – a pilot and development project. World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences 2005. 65 thInternational Congress of FIP, September 2005, Cairo. View handout

Drug Related Problems in General Practice: Results from a Development Project in Denmark. Pharmacy World and Science 2006; 28:61-64 (Soendergaard B, Kirkeby B, Dinsen C, Herborg H, Kjellberg J, Staehr P). Read publication

Better use of medicines – Perspectives in clinical pharmacy. Report by the Danish Medicines Agency’s working group on clinical pharmacy. June 2005. Link to report

Posters, presentations and other

Better Use of Medicines - Use of clinical pharmacy to empower nursing homes towards safe medication practices. Poster og handout

Implementation of Cognitive Pharmaceutical Services in Danish Community Pharmacies – Strategists’ and Practitioners’ Perceptions. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice 14: 37-49; 2006. (Hopp TR, Klinke BO, Sørensen EW, Herborg H, Roberts AS)

Implementation of cognitive pharmaceutical services (CPS) in professionally active pharmacies. International Journal of Pharmacy Practice 2005;13:21-31. 2005. Hopp TR, Sørensen EW, Herborg H, Roberts AS. Read publication

Understanding practice change in community pharmacy: a qualitative research instrument based on organisational
theory. Pharmacy World Sci 2003;25(5):227-234. 2003. Roberts AS, Hopp T, Sørensen EW, Benrimoj SI, Chen
TF, Herborg H, Williarns K, Aslani P). Read publication

Implementation and dissemination ofcognitive pharmaceutical services: An understanding of the relationship that
influences the implementation process in community pharmacy. 12th International Social Pharmacy Workshop,
Sydney Australia. August 12,2002. (Hopp T, Sørensen EW, Herborg H, Roberts A).

Optimising Self-medication Practices through Pharmacies was presented at the Self-care DRA symposium, DFU,
16 September 2004. Herborg H. View presentation

Improved Self-Medication and Self-Care - a controlled intervention study. Herborg H, Fonnesbæk L, Frøkjær B,
Klinke BO, Søndergaard B, Sørensen EW, Tomsen DV. View presentation, and handout. Presentations held:
- at Läkemedelsforum in Stockholm
- at The European Symposium on Clinical Pharmacy, in Valencia, Spain
- at The Annual Meeting, Sundhedsstyrelsen, Copenhagen, October 2003
- at the World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences '02.62 th International Congress of FIP.
- at the Third International Working Conference on Pharmaceutical Care Research, PCNE
- at Årsmøde for Dansk Selskab for Farmakoepidemiologi. Institut for Sundhedstjenesteforskning. Syddansk
Universitet, Odense.

Symptoms in Dyspepsia - How can we measure it? 2'nd International Working Conference on Quality Issues in
PharmaceUtical Care Research. PCNE, Hillerød 24-28 January 2001. (Herborg H, Tomsen DV, Frøkjær B,
Søndergaard B, Bohmann DG). View poster and handout

The role of the pharmacist in self-care and self-medication. Int Pharm J 1999; 13: 9-10. 1999. (Frøkjær B).

Improving Drug Therapy for Patients with Asthma – Part 1: Patient Outcomes. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association 2001;41(4):539-50. 2001. (Herborg H, Søndergaard B, Frøkjær B, Fonnesbæk L, Jörgensen T, Hepler CD, Grainger-Rousseau T-J, Ersbøll BK). Read publication

Improving Drug Therapy for Patients with Asthma – Part 2: Use of Antiasthma Medications. Journal of the American Pharmaceutical Association 2001;41(4):551-9. 2001. (Herborg H, Søndergaard B, Jörgensen T, Fonnesbæk L, Hepler CD, Holst H, Frøkjær B). Read publication

Drug-Drug Interactions in the Elderly. The Annals of Pharmacotherapy 2002; 36:1675-1681. 2002. (Björkman IK, Fastbom J, Schmidt IK, Bernsten CB, PEER Group - bl.a. Frøkjær B, Herborg H og Søndergaard B). Read publication

Improving the Well-being of Elderly Patients via Community Pharmacy-based Provision of Pharmaceutical Care. A Multicentre Study in Seven European Countries. Drugs & Aging 2001; 18(1):63-77. 2001. (Bernsten C, Björkman I, Caramona M, Crealey G, Frøkjær B, Grundberger E et al.). Read publication

P Knudsen, H Herborg, A R Mortensen, M Knudsen, and A Hellebek
Preventing medication errors in community pharmacy: frequency and seriousness of medication errors
Qual. Saf. Health Care, Aug 2007; 16: 291 - 296. Læs abstract

P Knudsen, H Herborg, A R Mortensen, M Knudsen, and A Hellebek
Preventing medication errors in community pharmacy: root-cause analysis of transcription errors
Qual. Saf. Health Care, Aug 2007; 16: 285-290. Læs abstract

The Nordic Pharmacy Association. The Added Value of Nordic Pharmacies. Documentation examples - A report from the Nordic Working Group on
Professional Responsibility in Pharmacy (PAPA). 2008 Feb. Read report

Pharmaceutical Care in Community Pharmacies: Practice and Research in Denmark. Ann Pharmacother. 2007 Apr;41(4):681-9. (Herborg H, Sørensen EW, Frøkjær B). Read publication

Integrative Management of Prescription and Patient Risk Factors. World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 25-31 August 2006, Salvador Bahia, Brazil, (Herborg H)

Read-Train-Learn Programmes – Flexible Competence Development at the Pharmacy, World Congress of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 25-31 August 2006, Salvador Bahia, Brazil. Poster. (Hansen TS, Engelsborg H, Christensen KH)

Prevention of Medication Errors in the Pharmacy. Patient Safety Conference, 1-2 February 2006, Birmingham, UK. Poster. (Knudsen P, Herborg H, Mortensen AR, Knudsen MS, Hellebek AM)

Medication Management at Home: Medication Risk Factor Prevalence and Inter-relationships. Journal of Clinical Pharmacy and Therapeutics 2006;31:485-91 (Sorensen L, Stokes JA, Purdie DM, Woodward M, Roberts MS)

Improving situated learning in pharmacy internship. Article in Pharmacy Education, September/December 2005;5(3/4):223-233. Ellen W Sørensen, Lotte S Haugbølle, Hanne Herborg, Dorthe V Tomsen. Read publication

Medication Management at home: Medication-related risk factors associated with poor health outcomes. Article in Age and Ageing 2005;34(6):626-632. Lene Sorensen, Julie A. Stokes, David M. Purdie, Michael Woodward, Michael S. Roberts. View abstract

European Experiences with the Implementation of the PharmaDiaß Programme in Practice. Jubilee 10 th Conference of Pharmacists on Pharmaceutical Care, Warsaw, 16 November 2005. Kirsten Pultz, MSc (Pharm), Task Force Manager Diabetes Care, EuroPharm Forum. View presentation

Evidence of pharmacy practice

In 2001, the Association of Danish Pharmacies established an evidence database for community pharmacy. The Evidence Database was developed, and is maintained by Pharmakon, Danish College of Pharmacy Technicians, for the Association. The database contains data on clinical, humanistic and economic outcomes from intervention studies in community pharmacy practice. The following reports were published:

  • Six evidence reports covering the main areas of Good Pharmacy Practice Guidelines
  • Evidence report on drug-related problems
  • Evidence report on patient safety and medication errors
  • Evidence report on compliance and concordance (English summary not available)
  • Evidence report on opportunistic screening in the primary health sector.

Searches in the above evidence reports resulted in reports on diabetes, elderly patients, hypertension and coronary heart diseases, medication review in Denmark, evidence for counselling in pharmacies, and seamless care (English summaries of these reports are not available).

The aim of the database is to ensure that the pharmacy sector has a continuous access to updated knowledge about the impact of pharmacy practice in society. All datasheets are included in the searchable, electronic version of the Evidence Database, and via the homepage of the Association of Danish Pharmacies

The database is mainly based on European literature (from 1990 and onwards). The datasheets are in Danish, with the majority of the summaries translated into English. 

Start database

Summaries of evidence reports

The evidence report focuses on the incidence of problems related to drug use. It is based on a systematic literature review and reports the result of the literature search and the incidence of drug-related problems and adverse drug events in primary care.

Download the English summary here 

The evidence report describes the literature available on this topic, as well as the incidence of medication errors, and their possible causes and consequences (datasheets).

Download the English summary here 

This evidence report contains professionally analysed descriptions of studies concerning opportunistic screenings in the primary care sector.
Download the English summary here 

This evidence report descibes the effect of pharmacy activities related to drug distribution and intervention in connection with prescription handling.
Download the English summary here 

This evidence report describes the effect of pharmacy activities related to patient information on prescribed drugs. 
Download the English summary here 

The present report covers activities relative to Follow-up on outcomes of drug therapy (Pharmaceutical Care). 
Download the English summary here 

Summary will only be available following an update of the Evidence Report entitled Self-care activities.
Download the reference list here 

This evidence report decribes the effect of pharmacy activities related to health promotion and ill-health prevention.
Download the English summary here 

This evidence report describes the effect of the pharmacy’s promotion of rational pharmacotherapy to other health professionals. 
Download the English summary here 

The aim of the study was to identify assessments of community pharmacy systems as well as personal experiences with the performance of selected community pharmacy systems. The literature search was to include scientific as well as “grey” litterature.
Download the English summary here 


Since 1996, Pharmakon, Danish College of Pharmacy Practice has been designated as a WHO Collaborating Centre for Drug Policy and Pharmacy Practice Development, implying the organisation of conferences and training activities as well as providing pharmaceutical assistance in connection with WHO projects.

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